Summer is officially, here, the time of year we begin to think about sun kissed skin and glowing bodies bathing at the beach. This kind of thinking leads on naturally to walking past the biscuit aisle, avoiding the home baking ingredients and spending a bit longer in the fruit and vegetable section at the grocery store.

Once you have filled your trolley with colourful and aromatic spring onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, baby corn and lettuce varieties, you will be looking for inspiration on how to whip up some wonderful salads for dinners, barbecues and lunches. Salads are a great way to keep you going during the day with an influx of vitamins and minerals in one tasty hit.

When you come to enjoy that crisp salad, with freshly picked herbs and crunchy julienne carrots, you want it to be just that. Between the time you prepared your salad and the time you want to eat it, you would like to see no change in the crisp texture of your iceberg lettuce or celery.

Enter the Kilner To Go Jar. This new mason jar range lets you keep your dressing separate, to be added just before you eat keeping the herbs and vegetables crisp and fresh.

Kilner has been producing mason jars for preserving and storing since 1842, so they really know how to make a great jar. The newest addition to the range, the Food on the Go mason jar taps into the desire to eat a healthy, enjoyable salad, that actually tastes freshly made by lunchtime. Glass is completely chemical free and will not absorb or leach flavours, so you can pack a Pear and Stilton salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette one day, and a hearty potato salad the next. Kitchen Warehouse has a wonderful range of mason jars for all your salads, including the Kilner Food on the Go Jar to let you eat healthily and happily.

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