This Mother’s Day, choose a recipe from someone else’s Mum to spoil your own.

So many of our treasured memories of Mum are created in the kitchen and many of our favourite recipes we learnt from Mum or at least a Mum! At Kitchen Warehouse we celebrate Mother’s Day this year by asking 10 outstanding food bloggers to share recipes they learnt from the significant mother in their lives.


#1 Coconut Jam Slice from Glutenfree Sugarfree

Our first recipe comes from Glutenfree Sugarfree, Janessa Rutter. Janessa was lucky enough to get a peek at her mother-in-laws handwritten family recipe book and chose this delicious Coconut Jam Slice tweaked to make it gluten & refined sugar free.“It is SO yummy and has been given 2 thumbs up by my MIL, woo hoo” Read recipe


#2 Lamb Curry from De’Palate

Dipal of Brisbane Food blog De’Palate thought it was the perfect time to share a recipe that brings back fond memories of her cooking in the kitchen with her mum growing up. “This Lamb Curry is a family favourite” enjoy! Read recipe


#3 Creamy Pumpkin Soup from Practising Simplicity

Passed down from Nana to Mum to Jodi, this was a staple family dinner and a meal she now shares with her own family. Jodi enjoys her soup with buttered sourdough or a cheese toastie if she’s feeling really indulgent. Compared to other Pumpkin soup recipes “the added sweetness of tomatoes and a little kick of spice thanks to the chilli powder, means it’s extra spesh”. Read recipe


#4 Peggy’s Curried Sausages from Livvy May

Growing up in her Grandmother’s home, Olivia Noakes got used to sensational aromas flowing from the kitchen, and chose this recipe as one of many superb dishes. Ma’s “passion for comfort food and continually trying new things has been a huge influence on the way I eat and what I choose to cook”. Read recipe


#5 Chocolate Mousse from Queen of Bad Timing

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, Kristy K. shares the first dessert her Mum taught her to bake. “Something that never fails, always impresses and was so easy to make (while licking chocolate off my grubby chubby fingers)” Read recipe


#6 Cherry Thumbprint Biscuits from Six Little Hearts

Jody recalls wonderful visits to a very special grandmother. “On fine days my grandma would set up a table in her garden with her precious linen, her 1950’s crockery, a pack of playing cards and some needlework, plus a few of her delicious treats” To celebrate Mother’s Day, Jody shares this divine, old fashioned biscuit recipe which holds precious memories from her childhood. Read recipe


#7 Crispy Roast Vegetables from Flat Out Mum

“My favourite childhood winter Sunday’s involve Mums roast”. Olivia Anderson of Flat Out Mum is kind enough to share her Mum’s secret to crispy roast vegetables with us this Mother’s Day which she tells us is very easy and low maintenance. Read recipe


#8 Carbonara Pasta from KB Sugarfree

Katherine Beresford’s favourite childhood recipe was Mum’s Carbonara Pasta. Following in her Mum’s footsteps Katherine has recreated it here gluten, dairy and sugar free, with her own delicious Vegan White Sauce made from cashew parmesan, coconut milk and potato starch. Read recipe


#9 Ginger Fluff Sponge from Veggie Mama

This nostalgic, thought provoking recipe from Stacey of Melbourne based blog Veggie Mama is one that has been passed down through generations of Mum’s and comes from her Nana’s wartime cookbook. She is looking forward to passing this delicious sponge onto her own girls. “I always think about the line of mums who have come before me and what their lives must have been like.” Read recipe


#10 Walnut Madeline’s with Spiced Buttercream from Emelia Jackson

Emelia Jackson’s Mother’s Day contribution is a twist on her Baba’s favourite recipe. From Northern Greece, Emelia’s grandmother excelled at anything she touched, especially cooking and LOVED all things sweet. She passes along a legacy of resilience and strength to all the women in the family. “I attribute much of my ability and love of food to my beloved Baba”. Read recipe

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