Recipe from Jamie Oliver

The best time to enjoy fluffy stacked pancakes is when you’re on your own, so you can eat them hot and fresh, straight out of the pan.

There are plenty of pancake recipes for one, but we like this recipe from Jamie Oliver. It is quick, uses simple ingredients and tastes great.

Before you start cooking decide on your favourite toppings – and remember you don’t have to please anyone but yourself. You might like to fry up some bananas with caramel, or cook up a berry compote. Pull out the ice-cream and chocolate sauce, or grill some bacon to go with the maple syrup.

Next step, get your table ready for a sumptuous breakfast. Boil the kettle, grind your coffee beans and get out your fancy cup and saucer.
Set the table and make it an occasion to indulge yourself. After that once you have finished cooking your pancakes for one, you are ready to enjoy a delicious meal.



  • 1 large egg
  • 1 c of self-raising flour
  • 1 c of milk
  • Salt
  • Oil for cooking


  1. Crack egg into bowl, and whisk in flour, milk and pinch of salt until smooth.
  2. Heat frying pan and add ½ tsp of oil.
  3. Add a ladleful of batter for each pancake, and cook for one or two minutes until bubbles appear on top.
  4. Flip with spatula and cook until golden on both sides.
  5. Eat and enjoy!

Note: Check out our crepe pan buying guide to help you choose the best crepe pan to cook your delicious breakfast pancakes or crepes.

Try it out yourself:

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