Put the Pizzazz in Parsley and the Canny in Coriander with these Herb Helpmates.

Adding intense flavour to your cooking with the freshest of herbs is made easier with one these helpful herb preparation tools from Kitchen Warehouse.


Specially designed shears such as the Kilo Herb Shears and the Oxo Good Grips Kitchen and Herb Scissors will snip the fine stalks and leaves of all your herbs including basil, oregano and thyme, straight into the cookpot.


An electric chopper or stick blender chopper attachment ensures a very fine cut and flavour blending of herb varieties, while a hand chopper like the Davis & Waddell Mezzaluna Chopper releases the flavours instantly to add to your pot.


The Avanti Rotary Herb Mill is a different approach to herb preparation, using a rotary mechanism to release the flavour and prepare your herbs for cooking.


Instead of floating a bouquet of herbs in your cooking you can place bunches of coriander, parsley and basil inside an infuser like the MasterChef Herb & Spice Infuser that will release all the flavour and none of the greenery to your stew.

Create aromatic spray

With the Masterchef Express Infuser you can blend herbs and fruit to create an aromatic mist to add to meat and salads.

Store dry herbs

Keep dry herbs and spices in an easy to grab rack or tower and save hours of twisting and turning bottles to find the one you are looking for.

If you want to make herb preparation simple and effective, purchase one of these dandy devices now online or visit a store near you now.

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