Feed your plants and save the planet with homemade organic compost.

Australia discards an estimated 4 million tonnes of food every year, creating millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. By using a compost bin from Kitchen Warehouse you can reduce greenhouse gases and avoid waste while at the same time creating nutrient rich soil and introducing helpful organisms into your garden. Our range of compost bins are odour free and sit compactly on the benchtop turning your food waste into organic fertilizer for a healthy garden.

How our compost bins work.

  1. Air holes in the lid allow the oxygen to enter the bin and begin the natural chemical reaction that turns food into nutrient rich soil.
  2. Carbon filters provide the perfect foil for the unpleasant odours usually associated with compost. The carbon absorbs the smells, letting your compost bin do its work discreetly.
  3. Removable bins with loop handles make adding the compost to your garden simple and convenient.
  4. Liners: Kitchen Warehouse stock a range of biodegradable compost bin liners which will harmlessly decompose in the compost pile.

What to compost in your kitchen top compost bin

Uneaten food, fruit and vegetables peelings, pips and skins, eggshells, flowers, coffee grounds, tea leaves, old milk, used paper napkins, crumbs, cooked rice or pasta, old bread products and stale cereals can all be composted in the kitchen. Most old food, or natural products such as paper and cotton, can be composted in the benchtop compost bin.

Avoid composting meat in the kitchen, as it uses a different process to decompose and will slow down the compost process. Meat and dairy products can be composted effectively in an airtight compost bin used outside.

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