You don’t have to spend too much time and money to organise your home. Sometimes, you just need some clever thinking and all it takes is repurposing household objects. Try our simple tricks to revive your old, unused, or redundant items while decluttering and organising your home.

While not everyone has the same amount of clutter at home, we can all agree that organising the house can be a bit of a headache. So if by now nothing seems to be in the right place at yours, it sounds like a good time to re-organise.

To get you started, here are some ideas to help you choose what to throw out and what to revive from the pile of old household objects. From used bakeware to old glass jars, repurposing household objects is the way to go.

In the Laundry Room

Repurposing Household Objects
  • Baskets (wire or woven): Sorting through the laundry doesn’t have to take all day. Make use of empty Christmas gift hampers and old wire baskets, even plant boxes, to set up sorting piles for dirty clothes. Label them accordingly so when it’s time to wash them up, you’ll just grab a pile, set the machine, and press start.
  • Glass jars and dispensers: Get rid of the big plastic containers and transfer your detergent to glass jars (powder) or beverage dispensers (liquid) to inspire a uniform look in the laundry room. Put your pegs into a clip-top jar, while you’re at it.

In the Kitchen

Repurposing household objects in the kitchen
  • Cake stand: If your sink caddy collects soap suds and is hard to clean, use your lovely cake stand for your sink soaps and scrubs. You’ll not only save up storage space for your loaf pans and baking sheets in the cabinet but also put up a pretty display on the bench.
  • Hanging planter: Have no use for your old hanging planter? Revive it as a hanging produce holder for everything from potatoes to onions to fresh fruits.
  • Box and skewers: For those who need their knives ready on the bench, you can make a DIY knife block. Simply fill a box with wooden skewers and it will turn into an all-purpose knife block that is lightweight and easy to bring anywhere you need it.

In the Bathroom

Repurposing household objects in the bathroom
  • Magnetic knife rack: Store your hygiene tools like nail clipper, tweezers, razor and hair cutting shears in a magnetic knife rack to save space and clutter in your bathroom drawer. This way, it’s also easy to see and reach for each item when needed.
  • Plastic canisters or glass jars: Ditch everything packaged. Keep your cotton tips, cotton balls, and bars of soap in clear plastic containers or lightweight glass jars so it’s easy to get a glance of how much you have. Plus, they make your bathroom looking clean, too.
  • Spice drawer organiser: Create a sweet spot for little bottles of nail polish in the drawer. Use a spice drawer organiser to arrange them neatly and see the perfect shade you’re looking for right away.

In the Home Office

  • Egg tray or muffin pan: Tiny office supplies get jumbled up easily. Make use of the little craters in an egg tray or old muffin pan to keep like items together. Doing this will save you from searching through a messy drawer every time.
  • Napkin holder: If you do have a napkin holder and find you don’t use it often, use it instead as a holder for bills and letters you have yet to deal with. No more losing a party invite or a traffic notice again, thanks to this clever idea.
  • Melamine tumblers or porcelain mugs: Take out your extra melamine tumblers or fancy display mugs to store and organise all the bits and pieces in your office space. From pens to scissors to metric ruler, you can categorise each item for easy use.

In the Garage

  • Cutlery trays or storage bins: Keeping small items in separate sections is the best trick to make everything organised. And when it comes to yard and DIY tools, you can trust that cutlery trays and storage bins can keep them well sorted inside the drawer.

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