Smooth, full bodied, spicy, fruity, dry, savoury and sweet are just some of the terms we hear when attending a wine tasting, but what if I told you the glass you’re drinking from can impact all of these? What if I told you that plastic cup you’re drinking from makes your wine taste “inoffensive”? What if I told you, that Shiraz glass that you’re drinking your Pinot Noir from makes it taste dry?

This is exactly what Mark Baulderstone from Riedel Australia covered when he held the exclusive Art of Wine tasting at the Linton & Kay Galleries. Showing the guests how choosing the wrong glass can ruin a good wine, whilst choosing the right glass makes it truly something special. Don’t believe what Mark was saying? We encourage you to give it a go at home.

Throughout the evening we sampled Pinot Noir, Cabernet and a Shiraz all provided by our sponsors Edwards Winery and Byron and Harold Estate. We even sampled the difference the Riedel Coke Glass can make to the aroma and taste of Coca-cola … Truly amazing! Mark touched briefly on the topic of food and wine matching, using decanters and perhaps the most controversial topic of the evening… washing your Riedel glasses in the dishwasher… just do it, that’s what they are designed for.

Mark’s top tips of the evening included serving red wine at the correct temperature. As a general rule red wine should be served at18’c (Pinot Noir should be served at no more that 16’c). If you are just getting into red wine, invest in the correct glasses. Start small with a set of glasses to suit the wine you drink, it will make all the difference.

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