A hearty roast dinner is the king of the kitchen. Roast chicken or roast pork is a meal that feeds the whole family, fills the plate with individual tastes and is best eaten at the table with a knife and fork. It is a meal filled with tradition but importantly it is a meal that is easy to prepare, particularly if you have the right kit.
Kitchen Warehouse has prepared an essential roasting tool kit that will provide you without everything you need to roasting your way to everyone’s hearts. For cooking tips for your roast meat and vegetables including cooking times for pork, beef, lamb and chicken visit our Kitchen Warehouse blog.

Roasting Pan Allows room for the air to circulate around the meat, cooking it slowly.
A deep base lets the juice collect, keeping the meat moist and providing ingredients for a rich gravy.
Look for:

  • Rectangular shape
  • Heavy base for heat distribution
  • High sides to collect juices
  • Deep base
  • Carrying rim or helper handles
Baster Keep your roast chicken or lamb moist by covering it with meat juices regularly.
  • Brush: Paints the juice on for an even spread.
  • Syringe: For quicker basting suck up the juice and squirt over the meat.
  • Spoon/Perforated spoon: Spoon up the juice and pour over the meat. Can be used for dishing up vegetables as well.
Meat Thermometer Reads the internal temperature of the meat for very accurate cooking. The best way to ensure meat is tender and not overcooked. Indicates when meat is rare, medium or well-done. Features:

  • Sharp probe
  • Oven proof
  • Easy read dial

Carving Kit
To serve the finest slices for maximum taste and eating enjoyment a proper carving set is essential.
Fork: Two fine tines to pierce deeply into meat
Carving Knife: Long narrow pointed blade with fine edge
Carving Board: Spiked board with rimmed edge to collect juices

Gravy Essentials Kit
A roast is completed with rich gravy, made from the roasting pan juices. See How to Make Gravy for the best gravy recipe.

Saucepan: If you can’t make the gravy directly in the roasting pan, add juices from the pan to a medium saucepan. (See: How to Make Gravy)

Wooden spoon or spatula: Ensures gravy doesn’t stick to the sides and base

Gravy boat:
Spill free pouring
Holds just the right amount of gravy.
Includes its own base to protect the table
Keeps gravy warm

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