Living zero waste is no easy task. It requires a huge lifestyle change that might be too drastic for many to commit to. Make the transition easier and smoother by choosing eco-friendly reusable products that will help you reduce your waste footprint.

Reusable cups

Takeaway cups make life more convenient when buying on-the-go drinks. However, they make up a big portion of landfill waste. Only a small portion of paper cups can be recycled as most are lined with plastic. It’s best to bring along your own reusable mug. Many cafes even encourage their use.

KeepCup Brew

KeepCup is the first barista-standard reusable coffee cup

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Choose insulated travel mugs for your on-the-go drinks

Metal straws

It’s nice to drink cold beverages with a straw but it would be even nicer if the straw were not plastic. Millions of single-use plastic straws end up in bodies of water, posing a grave risk to marine life. While plastic straws are a necessity for people with disability, the rest of us can switch to using reusable ones. Metal straws could be a game changers for the food industry so maybe it’s time to get one for yourself.

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Get yourself some stainless steel straws

Beeswax food wraps

Beeswax food wraps come in handy when you like to keep your bread and produce fresh or your sandwich neatly packed for lunch at work. They probably are the best alternatives to single-use plastic bags or paper bags for wrapping your lunch or leftovers. These reusable wraps are food safe, easy to clean, and lightweight so they will slip easily it into your bag.

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Use the pressure and warmth of your hands to wrap your food in

HoneyBee Wraps

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HoneyBee Wraps made of organic cotton fabric, natural beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and tree resin

Food savers

Instead of using cling wraps or aluminium foil to cover your bowls and jars or wrap cut food, choose reusable food savers to keep them fresh for longer. These smart, innovative food savers are made from food-safe silicone or rubber that can stretch and cling tight around your half-cut avo or fresh bowl of strawberries.

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Cover blubbers can be used to directly cover fruits and vegetables

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These food huggers help retain the freshness of your avos

Food containers

Whenever you go out to shop or eat, bring some food containers along. Although these may be bulky, they are an eco-friendly way to store leftover food or meat from your local butcher. That sounds better than bagging goods inside plastic you are probably never going to use again. You can also use glass jars when buying bulk goods like flour, milk, nuts, and grains. As they are airtight, they can help keep your food fresh and securely sealed.

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Airtight food storage containers that snap shut

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Glass jars are great for storing dry goods

Tea towels

Paper towels are good but tea towels are better in terms of durability, versatility and usefulness. So instead of filling your bins with paper napkins, use tea towels for everyday kitchen tasks and house chores.

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Natural kitchenware and tools

Choosing eco-friendly products sometimes means going back to basics. Buy tools that are made from natural, if not organic, materials such as wooden plates, cutlery, utensils, bamboo chopping boards, and coconut brushes. These are great alternatives to plastic as they are durable, food safe, and even biodegradable or recyclable.

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Get your organic scrubbies

Reusable shopping totes and bags

Forget plastic bags; reusable shopping bags are the way to go. From stylish roll-up to huge organic cloth bags to handwoven ones, choose whatever fits your style when you go shopping. Use them to carry your goodies and keep them stashed in your purse or boot.

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Lightweight and foldable shopping bags

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Onya bulk food bags

Smart trash and compost bins

To further reduce waste, use a bin to recycle and manage your rubbish. A huge bin with at least two compartments will help you easily separate recyclables from non-recyclables. A compost bin is also essential for turning food scraps into fertiliser for your plants.

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Compartmentalised smart bins

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