Fun, cheeky and real, Jody Allen, reveals how to live well on a tight budget.
Kitchen Warehouse is proud to introduce favourite mummy blogger, Stay at Home Mum Jody Allen, author of The $50 Weekly Shop. At this special event Jody will reveal her tips to get your grocery bill way down, and share favourite recipes that embrace her philosophy of eating well on a budget.

Blogger Jody found herself having to budget her groceries to just $50 a week while pregnant with her second child. To stick to her budget, she changed her grocery habits to include fresh produce and meals made from scratch which both helped the back pocket and improved her meals enormously. In fact, her husband began to enjoy her cooking for the first time. From someone who used to rely on prepackaged meals, Jody has now become a force for nature. Her blossoming garden provides fresh and healthy produce and she uses simple cleaning products made from kitchen ingredients, such as clove oil to remove mould. Being frugal turned out to be the best thing she has experienced. Jody says “Life had never been more simple and enjoyable when I had next to nothing.”

Stay At Home Mum is tagged as the ultimate guide for real mums, the perfect, the imperfect, the facts… and just a little cheeky! A forum for a multitude of ideas including dollar saving recipes and tips such as how to get rid of nits or value adding home improvements, Jody has created a blog for all parents, curating news items, household tips, recipes and gardening knowledge. On the back of this she has also launched her first book, which will help readers reach their own grocery budgeting goals. Spending less money at the supermarket means more to spend on other things whether necessities or luxuries.

Jody is passionate about sharing her experiences and newly discovered budget saving ideas. Her helpful and fun workshop will introduce three recipes that will soon become a favourite in every household. Lose a Kilo soup speaks for itself, followed by a rich Apricot Chicken and a batch of Bulk Biscuits that will keep all those hungry tummies full and happy.

Join Jody Allen in-store at Kitchen Warehouse North Lakes on 17th June 2017.
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