Which cheese goes well with which wine? In this guest post, Danicia Quinlan, managing director of Fromage Artisans, shares her knowledge on how best to pair different kinds of cheese and wine.

Fresh, funky, hard, or soft artisan and homemade cheeses make for delightful company around the kitchen table. Life gets even better when they are paired with great wine and splendid companions!

Before you grab the nearest open bottle of red though, we recommend a touch of restraint. The high fat, funky, and aged components of cheese and the potential acid and tannin structure of wine have a huge bearing on how these two great friends go together.

So let’s work through the cheeses on your table, starting with the fresh ones. We are talking about ricotta, feta, mozzarella, or burrata—these fresh curds bring high salt content combined with a nutty or creamy texture. Fresh is best paired with fresh so think a citrus, savoury or dry white. From our wine list, we would recommend our Rose Kentish vermentino or a Kilikanoon Mort’s Block riesling.

With a funky, bloomy brie or camembert, try something a touch more textural white wine with honey or apricot notes like our aged Tahbilk marsanne or Hunter Valley aged semillion.

Stinky washed rinds, like a Taleggio, Pont-l’Eveque, or riobola, are the perfect fit for an aromatic, fruit-driven, and unwooded wine such as a light pinot noir, gris, or a Gewurztranier. These also pair extraordinary well with ciders.

Breaking to a hard gruyere, parmesan, or cheddar–well, welcome to a dating world of lots of vino options as you can pair these strong flavours with any manner of delicious wines. We are particularly fond of our Villa Sandi prosecco with parmesan, a Jones Road chardonnay with Mountain’s gruyere, and the fantastic local Rock of Solitude malbec with an aged cheddar.

Sweet rums, single-malt whiskeys, and fortifieds are also fantastic nightcaps when paired with an after-dinner cheese board.

Here at Fromage Artisans, we encourage you to take a flight of expertly paired cheeses and liquors and let us help you find your perfect match.

Fromage Artisans is a boutique fromagerie and bar based in Perth, Western Australia. Learn more about them at www.fromage.com.au.

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