Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cakes are what you’d call a flashy dessert. They’re baked with a distinctive red tinge from using the traditional beetroot or the more common food colouring that sets them apart from the rest, and the cream cheese frosting makes them all the more tempting. Red velvet cakes are usually prepared for Valentines Day and Christmas, but we see no reason not to make them for other occasions as well.
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Baking with a Hand Mixer

Pound Cake

If you plan to take baking seriously, you need a reliable helper in the kitchen. Here is where the hand mixer comes into play. Essentially, a hand mixer is your go-to device for for light-duty mixing. Compared to a stand mixer, it is cheaper and more compact in size, so storage space becomes less of an issue. It’s also convenient because it’s easy to move around, and it comes with attachments typically needed in baking: mixer, whisk and paddle attachments.
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An Easter Side Dish: Creamy Potato Bake

Having an Easter meal with relatives is an essential tradition, and here we’ve got just the perfect side dish for the event – creamy, cheesy, delicately flavoured potato bake!

Whatever seasoned meat you’ll have as a main dish, this potato bake is a perfect accompaniment. It looks fancy but is actually easy to make, not to mention a nice change from the usual mashed potatoes.
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Hot Cross Buns for the Easter Holidays

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns coming your way!

With a rich history as a food offering to the Saxon goddess and a symbol for crucifixion, hot cross buns are a favourite food for the Easter Holidays. Such is their popularity that, this year, supermarket chains have been selling them as early as January.

These spiced, fruited buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday, the day in which they wouldn’t go mouldy, according to superstitions. They’re also hung as good luck charms or, as some would have it, enjoyed served with lashings of butter and complimented with tea.

This recipe makes light and fluffy hot cross buns. They also freeze well, good for when you want to reserve them for later.
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