BBQ Grill or BBQ Smoker: Which One is for You?

BBQ Smoker

Who doesn’t love having grilled or smoked meats for summer? With barbecue season just around the corner, it’s the best time to bring your grilling and smoking skills to the test and do some serious charcoal cooking at home. But with several types of grills and smokers available, how will you know which one suits you best? Read on our easy how-to guide and tips to help you decide if a BBQ grill or BBQ smoker is the one for you.
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Spicy Tomato Chutney Recipe

Red, tomato-based and incredibly savoury. You may mistake this for Mexican salsa, but this Indian staple relish is not your average taco pairing. This spicy tomato chutney is a brilliant side dish and dip for your Christmas cheese platters and cold meats, sandwiches, and even BBQs. It lasts for ages in storage and makes a great addition to your list of edible gift ideas this holiday season. Continue reading “Spicy Tomato Chutney Recipe”

Wood, Charcoal, Rub: How to Add Barbecue Flavour

Blog image How to add barbecue flavour

Cooking real slow and low is the secret to a perfectly smoked meat. But when adding flavour and enhancing taste and aroma, there are a number of things to consider. From fire control to cooking temperature, types of wood to rubs and sauces, these all affect the end result of your cooking. So before you get smoking and barbecuing, read our guide to help you choose the right type of charcoal, hardwood, and rubs to pack as much flavour into your food as possible. Continue reading “Wood, Charcoal, Rub: How to Add Barbecue Flavour”

Grill the Perfect Burger – Our Top Family Hamburger Recipes

Grill the perfect Burger

Try out these tasty hamburger recipes for your next BBQ, or a quick Friday night meal. You can grill these juicy burgers on a skillet for a classic ribbed effect. Kitchen Warehouse has a range of skillets to suit your cooking style, as well as some handy tools and equipment to make your next BBQ smooth sailing.

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