Top 10 Tips for Sourdough Bread Success

Sourdough Bread

Most home bakers consider sourdough bread from scratch as the ultimate test. Baking this delicious and chewy creation, however, is a challenge that you can easily overcome with practice, patience, and a few helpful tips. Sourdough bread maker Angelique Crystal happily shares her top 10 tips to make your first sourdough loaf a winning success.

Angelique from @sourdough_breadsmith has kindly shared her starter recipe and tips. Her recipes can be downloaded see below

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Greek Easter Bread Recipe

Traditional Greek Easter Bread Tsoureki-min

Want to make Easter extra special? Celebrate like the Greeks do and try this traditional Greek bread recipe at home. Traditionally made on Maundy Thursday and served on Easter Sunday, this sweet and light braided loaf called tsoureki comes bright and celebratory with its symbolic red dyed egg on top. It’s made with the two Greek spices mahlepi and masticha, giving tsoureki a distinct and delectable aromatic smell.

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Spicy Tomato Chutney Recipe

Red, tomato-based and incredibly savoury. You may mistake this for Mexican salsa, but this Indian staple relish is not your average taco pairing. This spicy tomato chutney is a brilliant side dish and dip for your Christmas cheese platters and cold meats, sandwiches, and even BBQs. It lasts for ages in storage and makes a great addition to your list of edible gift ideas this holiday season. Continue reading “Spicy Tomato Chutney Recipe”