Camping Innovations – Electricity free appliances

Camping Innovations

Getting in touch with nature is a great way to replenish the soul, especially when you take life’s little luxuries with you. You don’t need to deprive yourself of freshly ground coffee beans, homemade pancakes and fresh chantilly cream for your hot chocolate just because you are sleeping in a tent!

Kitchen Warehouse have the latest in innovative appliances that you can pack with you, take into the great outdoors and enjoy nature without sacrificing your taste buds.
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Campfire Lasagna

Campfire Lasagna

Don’t neglect your taste buds when you get back to nature.

Fabulous one pot dishes can make camping a gourmet pleasure, as well as a time to enjoy the great outdoors. Try this recipe for lasagna made simply in your cast iron Dutch oven, using fresh pasta to eliminate the need for boiling first. Keep your culinary standards high with camping equipment from Kitchen Warehouse that will let you enjoy great food and your favourite drinks over the campfire, at the beach or in the bush.
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