Green Chicken Curry Recipe

Blog Image Green Chicken Curry Recipe

This green chicken curry is the curry of choice for those who like it creamy with a spicy kick. The vibrant colours and bold flavours will keep you cosy and warmed up this winter. The good news: it’s one of those one-pot wonders you make in minutes on a pressure cooker or multi-cooker!


Mildy Spicy Chicken Curry in a Slow Cooker

Mildy Spicy Chicken Curry

An exotic curry dish remains an old favourite during winter. Cooked in a slow cooker, this Asian/Caribbean cuisine fills the house with a rich, inviting smell that’s sure to make stomachs growl in hunger.

Here we have a slow-cooked mildly spicy chicken curry recipe that’s perfect no matter how rushed your time is for cooking. With a serving size of 6, it’ll leave everyone in the family satisfied.
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Chicken Curry in a Multi Cooker

Chicken Curry

Curry – the spicy flavours of this Asian staple are one of the best comforts a hungry person can ask for on a cold winter’s day. Warm up with a dish of delicious chicken curry made using the all-in-one ingenious invention that is the multi cooker – not only does this handy appliance require minimum effort in cooking, it’s highly efficient and produces excellent results that your taste buds and stomach would definitely agree with!

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