Easter Chocolate Eggs and Cookies Recipes

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Easter is a much-awaited holiday for families to spend time together or go to local events. But for the kids and young at heart, sweet treats are the star of this festive occasion. So here’s a double treat of Easter dessert recipes—Easter chocolate eggs and Easter cookies—you can make to cap off fun egg hunts and Easter parties.

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DIY Christmas Platter Inspiration

Christmas platter inspiration

Nothing looks more festive than having a colourful array of food beautifully arranged in one platter. Every piece looks so inviting you just want to try them all! And with the Christmas holiday coming up, `tis the perfect season to start planning creative food platters to serve to your guests. To add more magic to your party spread, here’s a few DIY Christmas platter ideas to inspire you and help you get started.
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Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe

Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe

I’ve always been interested in baking. Back in the day when I had no idea what a stand mixer was, I remember spending my weekends baking at home, mixing everything by hand. I used to read the backs of cake mix boxes and would cut out and save those recipes I thought I can do. Some turned out okay. Most were not. But I really like baking and working with the oven so much, I even decided to study it formally.
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3 Delectable Recipes to Warm Up Your Winter!

Winter is almost here, and it’s time to prepare all the recipes to keep ourselves warm and cosy during the cold months. We’ve featured casseroles in the past, but here are three other ways to enjoy the tastiest treats while still keeping warm. For the few of us who are morning persons, or at least have to get up early for work or school, the importance of having a hearty and delicious breakfast cannot be underrated. And of course, a go-to cup of hot chocolate – as well as a yummy dessert for later – cannot be missed! With this in mind, here are 3 winter recipes to help you kick off your day with some yummy dishes right off the bat!
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Affogato for Winter

Affogato is an Italian word meaning “drowned,” which makes perfect sense since this recipe basically involves a scoop of ice cream that is immersed in a coffee-based beverage. With a hint of espresso and Italian liqueur, this dessert is 100% for adults! Affogato is the perfect winter dessert because it has all the sweetness and flavour that we crave but still offers the elements that keep us warm and comfy when it’s cold outside.
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Creamy Chocolate Mousse

The great thing about desserts is that they can make conversations seem livelier and more fun. Chocolate mousse isn’t just for kids – you’ll see how your guests’ eyes will brighten up when you tell them it’s what you’re having for dessert. And since this is served in individual portions, nobody will ever feel left out. Try out our simple recipe below, and let us know how you enjoyed it!

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