Quick and Delicious Dishes Using Artisan Butter

Potato mash with butter

For quick and easy recipes, good enough should never be your limit. Kylie Ward, owner and founder of Perth-based The Homemade Kitchen, says the secret to cooking delicious meals is in using fresh, authentic ingredients prepared with love. In this article, Kylie shares two of her not-so-secret recipes featuring her award-winning handcrafted artisan butter made from the cream of happy cows. Artisan butter is simple, fresh, and delicious product that can be a great addition to your meal without complicating the flavours. Continue reading “Quick and Delicious Dishes Using Artisan Butter”

Easy and Delicious: Three Course Dinner Recipes with Pyrex

Recipes with Pyrex

Whip up Entree, Main and Dessert with this reliable baking and cooking brand. Pyrex dishes are not only great for cooking with even heat distribution and easy food release, they also make perfect servingware so you can save dishes by taking your meals straight from the oven or fridge to the table. Pyrex also offer a new range of utensils that incorporate modern materials for improved functionality.
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