DIY Christmas Platter Inspiration

Christmas platter inspiration

Nothing looks more festive than having a colourful array of food beautifully arranged in one platter. Every piece looks so inviting you just want to try them all! And with the Christmas holiday coming up, `tis the perfect season to start planning creative food platters to serve to your guests. To add more magic to your party spread, here’s a few DIY Christmas platter ideas to inspire you and help you get started.
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How to Create a DIY Beverage Station

DIY Beverage Station

A party is not complete without drinks. If you’re planning a party with a number of guests, consider setting up a beverage station as this would let your guests help themselves to your refreshing lemonades or cocktails. With so many options to consider, the best way to make planning easier is to make a checklist of what you want to serve and how you want it to look like. Read on our list to help you create a beverage station that will keep your guests refreshed and wow them, too!
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Easy DIY Wooden Planter Box

Why spend money on a wooden planter box when you can make your own instead? Crafting your own wooden planter box does not have to be expensive or exhausting. In fact, you can source old crates from local farmers and repurpose them just like Aussie herbalist and naturopathic nutritionist Reece Carter does at his own home. And if you’re that enthusiastic, you can give it your own style and personality. Continue reading “Easy DIY Wooden Planter Box”