Guide to Types of German Sausages

Different German sausages

If you ever get the chance to visit Germany, having authentic German sausages for lunch or snacks is perhaps inevitable. But before making that first big bite, it will be good to learn a few wurst facts and understand what makes each sausage type unique. Here’s our brief guide featuring some of Germany’s well-loved sausages to help you decide which one to try first.

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Greek Easter Bread Recipe

Traditional Greek Easter Bread Tsoureki-min

Want to make Easter extra special? Celebrate like the Greeks do and try this traditional Greek bread recipe at home. Traditionally made on Maundy Thursday and served on Easter Sunday, this sweet and light braided loaf called tsoureki comes bright and celebratory with its symbolic red dyed egg on top. It’s made with the two Greek spices mahlepi and masticha, giving tsoureki a distinct and delectable aromatic smell.

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Copenhagen City Guide

Copenhagen City Guide

If you love travelling as much as discovering new culinary delights, make Copenhagen your next destination. A city home to high-end restaurants and streets lined with affordable eateries, Copenhagen is simply the place to be for ardent gourmet enthusiasts. Learn more about this culinary hotspot and discover its best eats through this handy, not to mention mouthwatering, Copenhagen city guide.
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