Basic Sauerkraut Recipe

Sauerkraut recipe by Lisa Thornton

Sauerkraut or fermented cabbage, is widely popular in Germany. Think bread, sausages, and beer, and you’ll find sauerkraut as the best pairing to go with these German staples. Contrary to popular belief though, sour cabbage is not an original recipe by the Germans. In fact, it was the Chinese who first fermented cabbage in rice wine some 2000 years ago. It wasn’t until the 16th century when Europeans adopted the recipe using water and salt. During winter, people fermented barrels and barrels of unshredded cabbage, then served it as is or as a side dish to meat. From then on, it became a tradition. Continue reading “Basic Sauerkraut Recipe”

Nordic Fermented Vegetables Recipe

In Scandinavia, fermented vegetables have been a part of people’s traditional food. The cold winters meant fresh and local produce become extremely sparse. And as temperatures drop to a negative in some countries here such as in Sweden and Norway, the North Germanics have since been keen with pickling and fermenting to preserve their food for longer. Continue reading “Nordic Fermented Vegetables Recipe”

Fermenting Frenzy

Fermenting Frenzy

After attending an inspiring fermenting workshop by Lisa Thornton of Get Cultured at Kitchen Warehouse in November, I have gone into somewhat of a fermenting frenzy. The class was super informative and Lisa happily answered questions from our band of fermenting wannabes on why previous home brews didn’t work, what a bad bacteria growing on a good bacteria would look like, and whether you could eat too much sauerkraut. Fortunately, fermenting at home is easy, safe, and rewarding, with all the probiotics and bacteria in these superfoods populating and strengthening our gut. Winning!
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