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Amid the medieval streets and historic structures of the Italian city of Bologna is a storied food tradition. It’s quite simple, really; it’s either handmade, cooked for hours, or preserved for years. Bologna, after all, has been doing artisan and gourmet long before they became food buzzwords. Let this guide transport you to the beautiful world of traditional pasta, fine cheese, cured meat, and exquisite wine. Continue reading “Bologna City Guide”

Which is Which? Different Types of Frozen Desserts

Frozen Desserts

Summer is not just for barbecues. It’s also the perfect season to enjoy scoops of anything frozen. From ice cream to gelato to yoghurt, the combination of cream with fruit and other delicious ingredients is the best treat to help you cool down. And with so many frozen desserts to choose from, knowing what sets them apart will definitely help you decide which treat would go well with your wafer cone!
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