Five Surprising Facts About Honey

Surprising facts about honey

We all know honey for its flavour enhancing sweetness. It makes a perfect alternative for sugar but is more healthy. Add it to a dish or a beverage and it will give you a yummy distinctive taste plus additional health benefits. Some even say, when you eat it raw, the more nutrients you get (which actually applies to almost every vegetable and fruit). But what do we not know about honey, aside from it comes from bees? Is it true that it can heal allergies and wounds? When did people discover that it’s safe to eat? Continue reading “Five Surprising Facts About Honey”

Bee a Hero: Local Beekeeping Heroes You Should Know

Beekeeping Heroes

We know that bees are the amazing creatures behind honey production. Their most important role, however, is to gather pollen and help plants reproduce to bear new fruit. And while we have the bees to thank for their unique pollinating skills, our beekeeping heroes are also busy doing their part to protect their hives.
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Breakfast Granola Recipe

Breakfast Granola

Granola is a great start to the day, with nuts for protein and slow-burning carbs from the oats. Use this as a base and add in your favourite nuts, dried fruit, and citrus flavours—anything you like! If you can find unprocessed honey, it will really shine in this recipe, which serves six. Otherwise, opt for a robust flavoured one such as Redgum. Warning: make this in bulk, as it will disappear fast!

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