How to Nourish Your Body

How to Nourish Your Body

In a world full of confusing food messages, it is such a relief to find food educators who help us cut through the trends and hype to what really counts in your every day nutritional intake. Throughout February, Kitchen Warehouse is celebrating wellness which is being strongly driven by our wellness warriors who are running a range of workshops around eating for good health. Continue reading “How to Nourish Your Body”

Gut-Loving Hulk Smoothie Recipe

Gut-loving Hulk smoothie recipe

When it comes to unusual smoothie combinations, wellness coach and foodie Shan Cooper of My Food Religion has had her fair share of experiments and successes. This gut-friendly smoothie is one such all-around hit—packed with loads of good stuff (Kombucha! Spinach! Zucchini!), is unbelievably tasty and a cinch to make. Use this bright green smoothie to start your morning right or drink it to cool down on a sizzling summer day.
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Easy Recycling with a Kitchen Warehouse Bin

Easy Recycling

At Kitchen Warehouse we are in the business of smoothing out life’s little chores by offering innovative solutions to all your kitchen tasks. The latest of these is the recycling sorting bin that lets you sort out your rubbish in the one bin, saving space and removing the inconvenience of separating rubbish. No more excuses not to recycle for teenage kids or aged parents!
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Teresa Cutter: The Healthy Chef at Kitchen Warehouse

Teresa Cutter

Teresa Cutter made a huge hit at our Melville and Preston stores where she introduced her new book, the Healthy Chef. Her latest cookbook is brimming with healthy, nutritious recipes that follow Teresa’s philosophy of eating well. The sold out event continues the Kitchen Warehouse practice of providing expert advice through inclusive in-store experiences for our customers.
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Stay at Home Mum at Kitchen Warehouse

Stay at Home Mum at Kitchen Warehouse

Fun, cheeky and real, Jody Allen, reveals how to live well on a tight budget.
Kitchen Warehouse is proud to introduce favourite mummy blogger, Stay at Home Mum Jody Allen, author of The $50 Weekly Shop. At this special event Jody will reveal her tips to get your grocery bill way down, and share favourite recipes that embrace her philosophy of eating well on a budget.
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Kitchen Warehouse and Kitchenware Direct join forces


On 1st June 2016 Kitchen Warehouse joined forces with Kitchenware Direct. For over 15 years Kitchenware Direct has grown into a dominant online kitchenware retailer selling kitchenware throughout Australia and Internationally. Kitchen Warehouse opened its doors in 1996 and has developed into the largest kitchenware bricks and mortar stores in Australia. Continue reading “Kitchen Warehouse and Kitchenware Direct join forces”