Chocolate Cupcake Recipe by Brendan Pang

Blog Image Chocolate Cupcakes by Brendan Pang

In this special guest post, Perth-based cook and former MasterChef contestant Brendan Pang shares his simple yet nostalgic chocolate cupcake recipe. A food prodigy to two quintessential women in his life—his baker mum and home cook grandmere (grandmother)—Brendan owes a lot of his influences to his Asian and Mauritian heritage. From social worker to TV cook, Brendan’s set to be his own boss too as he opens up his first dumpling kitchen in Fremantle called Bumplings Perth.

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Light and Fluffy Sponge Cake

Everybody loves cakes – and sponge cakes are even more special! With their light and airy consistency, they are perfect little afternoon treats to go with tea or coffee and are an ideal conclusion to a lovely meal. The classic sponge cake is served on its own, but many foodies prefer sampling their slices with a slush of jam and a sniff of whipped cream. For a fuller and healthier approach, ditching the preserves and having stone fruits or berries instead makes the cake just as delicious. Whichever way you eat your sponge cakes, the recipe below is a great way to bake your own yummy creation in a matter of minutes.

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Double Choc Muffins

double choc muffin

Is there anything better than a recipe that is easy to make but tastes so decadent and delicious? This Double Choc Muffins recipe fits that criteria to a tee!

Packed with melt-in-your mouth chocolatey goodness and ready to eat in a little over 30 minutes, you’d be forgiven for finding any excuse to whip these bad boys up! It is a great recipe to bake with your kids given its straightforward nature and they’ll love the yummy final product.

They are scrumptious served warm from the oven, but they will also keep for a couple of days. We highly recommend serving them warm with some vanilla ice-cream. Truly mouth-watering!

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Moist Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe

chocolate cake

There are so many chocolate mud cake recipes floating around the internet and in cookbooks, but it’s rare to see one so easy to follow and that uses the simplest ingredients, such as this one. This recipe features a chocolate mud cake with a dense texture, that’s fudgy, rich and – what’s more – delicious.
This professional-quality cake can be topped with slices of strawberries, shredded chocolate or whatever it is that your heart desires. Furthermore, just like wine, the longer this cake keeps, the better it tastes.
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