Three-Cheese Pizza

3 Cheese Pizza

Why order out for a pizza when you can make it from scratch in the comfort of your own home? Not only is this the healthier option, you’ll be able to customize your pizza to your own taste plus pizza-making can turn out to be a really fun, enjoyable way to bond with friends and family members.

Indulge yourself in this recipe for a three-cheese pizza that’s sure to melt in your mouth. It’s perfect for vegetarians and cheese-lovers alike, best eaten hot off the oven!
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Healthy Wholemeal Pizza Dough Recipe

Pizza Dough

Aside from being a healthier alternative to basic pizza dough, wholemeal pizza dough also comes with an exceptional nutty texture – another way to enjoy great pizza.

This wholemeal pizza dough recipe is delicious and crispy and can be made with dried mixed herbs. This recipe goes well with chargrilled vegetables or simply your own combination of toppings.
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