Green Chicken Curry Recipe

Blog Image Green Chicken Curry Recipe

This green chicken curry is the curry of choice for those who like it creamy with a spicy kick. The vibrant colours and bold flavours will keep you cosy and warmed up this winter. The good news: it’s one of those one-pot wonders you make in minutes on a pressure cooker or multi-cooker!


Vegetarian Chick Pea Curry in 30 Minutes

kidney bean curry

It’s true that cooking vegetables is easy in the stove top, and as many people say, you don’t need to mess with the good stuff. But, unbeknownst to many, a pressure cooker makes better work of veggies – it seals in flavour and colour of the veggies, making them taste better than ever. It also preserves nutrients and texture, ensuring the meals you’re preparing are as delicious as they are healthy.
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Chicken Curry in 25 Minutes

chicken curry

Warm comfort foods are truly a life saver during cold weather, and this chicken curry just happens to fit into that category. Moreover, this mildly spiced dish can be made in under half an hour, from prep time to finish. This pressure cooker chicken curry recipe is yummy and so easy to make, we won’t be surprised if it makes it to your list of favourite comfort foods!
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