Easy recycling with a Kitchen Warehouse sorting bin

At Kitchen Warehouse we are in the business of smoothing out life’s little chores by offering innovative solutions to all your kitchen tasks. The latest of these is the recycling sorting bin that lets you sort out your rubbish in the one bin, saving space and removing the inconvenience of separating rubbish. No more excuses!

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Zero Waste Starter Kit Essentials

How to make a zero waste essential starter kit

Waste pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. Australia alone generates about 67 million tonnes of waste each year—which equates to a massive 2700kg per person—according to the National Waste Policy 2018 paper. As monumental as the waste problem might seem however, each of us can make a huge impact by doing small changes in our lives. Here are simple zero waste starters.

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Recycling Food scraps into Compost

Recycling Food scraps into Compost

Feed your plants and save the planet with homemade organic compost.

Australia discards an estimated 4 million tonnes of food every year, creating millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. By using a compost bin from Kitchen Warehouse you can reduce greenhouse gases and avoid waste while at the same time creating nutrient rich soil and introducing helpful organisms into your garden. Our range of compost bins are odour free and sit compactly on the benchtop turning your food waste into organic fertilizer for a healthy garden.
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