Frozen Fuzzy Navel Recipe

If you think the combination of fresh orange juice, peach schnapps and booze is refreshing, then this delicious frozen revamp of the classic fuzzy navel cocktail will get you excited. Nearly as yummy and sweet as a smoothie or shake, this frozen cocktail is a great drink that will have you feeling fresh on a hot summer day. Whether you’re getting a tan or just chilling by the beach, this drink will help keep your cool amidst the scorching heat.

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Christmas Chilli Oil Recipe

If you want to add some flavourful heat to your food, this Christmas chilli oil recipe is worth a try. It has the perfect balance of mouth-numbing red chilli peppers, lip-tingling Sichuan peppercorns, aromatic garlic and flavourful spices that leaves everyone digging for more food but reaching for a glass of water in between too. Fire up this year’s Christmas spread or double up this recipe to make edible homemade presents for the spicy food lovers. Continue reading “Christmas Chilli Oil Recipe”