Cold-brewed coffee is ground coffee steeped in cold water and strained, while iced coffee is usual made from hot brewed coffee, poured over ice. The comparison between cold brewed coffee and iced coffee is like day and night on the palate and the secret is in the process.


Cold Brewed Coffee

Full of natural richness and preserving the true coffee flavour notes, cold brewed coffee is slightly sweeter as the gentler extraction process produces a drink with less acidity and caffeine. Easy to DIY using kitchen basics already in your cupboards, it’s not rocket science but it is a special kind of alchemy.

To make your own:

GRIND: Burr grind freshly roasted coffee beans (start with one cup of beans to 4 cups of water as a base until you find the perfect balance for you)
STEEP the coarsely ground coffee beans in cold filtered or bottled spring water, overnight or longer for a stronger brew
FILTER: Using a kitchen sieve lined with muslin or a paper towel filter until the liquid is clear; remember, a finer grind will produce a cloudier coffee drink
STORE: transfer your filtered cold brew to a glass bottle and store in the fridge to mix with chilled milk and ice cubes.


Make ice cubes with left over cold brewed coffee for extra chill in the summer without diluting the flavour.

Where can you find a delicious cold brewed coffee in Perth?

Our fabulous staff have been out and about, scouting the best cold brewed coffee in Perth and they tell us that from Pixel Coffee in Leederville to Felix & Co in Nedlands or Spring Espresso in Subi, you can travel on into the CBD for a slice of cold pressed heaven at La Veen Coffee & Kitchen.

Did you know?

The naturally occurring chlorogenic acid in coffee forms quinic acid as heated coffee cools, leaving an unwelcome bitterness in the drink? Coffee brewed without heating (cold brewed) produces a drink which is well rounded with deep caramel and chocolate notes.

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