Put a creative twist on classic ice cream favourites!

Creating delectable ice cream art isn’t just for the professionals. There are plenty of simple tips and tricks you can use, which can turn a standard ice cream serve into a dessert to behold.

Importance of plating and serving ice cream

As far as putting a creative twist on presenting your ice cream goes, the choice of servery item can make all the difference and is one of the easier ways to add decorative pizazz.

When choosing how to present and what to display it in, it’s a good idea to target presentation to your entertaining demographic. If it’s for a kid’s birthday party for example, try putting a single ice cream scoop of your designated flavour in something like the Essential Melamine Ice Cream and Spoon Set. Add some colourful sprinkles and drizzle with a topping for a quick and easy way to liven up the ice-cream experience for the little ones.

If catering to an older crowd, try placing an ice cream scoop of a decadent frozen favourite in an elegant bowl like the Bormioli Rocco Ypsilon Ice Cream Bowls. Add in a chocolate wafer tube or some cherry’s to finish the sophisticated aesthetic. Ramekins and glasses can also be used to give your ice cream presentation a sumptuous twist.

Another classic but impressive way to present your ice-cream is in a sundae dish. Heap variant flavours on top of one another, add nuts, chocolate, confectionery and other decadent treats, throw in a wafer or two and voilà, a dessert that is as aesthetically impressive as it is delectably edible.

Taking it a step further – creating form and character

Presenting your frozen treats in various shapes by using a standard cookie cutter is a great way to make a simple ice cream dessert that little bit more impressive . Perfect for a child’s party or an adult gathering, you can target your audience easily by choosing a cut-out shape that is as funky or as refined as you like.

To do this requires a bit more preparation than simply plating up in a fashionable dish, but is just as easy to do. Use a standard baking tray, one you would use for baking cookies, brownies or slices, and line with glad wrap on the base to prevent sticking. Then simply pour softened ice cream into the tray and put in the freezer.

Leave it in there for a couple of hours to harden to a more solid ice cream consistency and then pre-cut single serves before your guests arrive. Serve on a plate with a bit of garnishing, be it sprinkles, grated chocolate, drizzled sauce or sliced fruit, to really let your frozen piece of art work shine.


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