Tips from the KWH Community: Making Pavlova

christmas-pavlova-350The Kitchen Warehouse community is full of passionate cooks eager to share their baking and cooking know-hows. We asked them what to look for when making an Aussie Classic: a pavlova, and got such a great response.

In our first community post, Claire from Ballajura shares her secrets passed down to her from her grandmother. Read on to learn how you can make the best pavlovas!


  1. Don’t make a pavlova on a hot, humid day as the meringue won’t be crisp and can weep.
  2. Use eggs at room temperature and when separating the eggs, do it beforehand to make sure there is no trace of fat in the whites.
  3. Never whisk in a plastic bowl as it can retain fats from previous baking exploits.
  4. Only use caster sugar (not raw or granulated) as it incorporates much better. Only add a spoonful at a time to ensure it dissolves before adding the next spoonful; it takes a long time! Whisk until the sugar is dissolved but do not over whisk either.
  5. Cook in a slow oven until meringue is crisp, but not coloured. Turn the oven off and leave oven door slightly ajar until the meringue is cooled completely.
  6. Dress your pavlova just prior to serving with lots of fresh cream and fruit.

Follow these tips and your pavlova is sure to be a hit this coming Australia Day!

We’d like to thank Claire for sharing her knowledge with us and the rest of the Kitchen Warehouse community!

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