Got invited to a housewarming party? Think of pictures frames, painting, night lamps, or a smart coffee machine. They all seem to be perfect housewarming gifts for any new homeowner. But if you’re into inviting good fortune and ushering good aura into their dwellings, these traditional housewarming gift ideas come along with a blessing.

Many believe housewarming dates back to the medieval period. When a new family moves into the neighbourhood, the community makes an effort to give them a warm welcome. This practice includes bringing firewood as gifts to the new homeowners so they could warm up the house and spark the first of their many happy times. Call it superstition but back in those days, they believe it also warded off the bad spirits.

Most cultures practice different traditions around housewarming. But in general, it is altogether traditional to bring some sort of gift to celebrate the promise of a fresh start for the homeowners. As a family, friend, or colleague, it’s your privilege to help furnish a home where they can feel comfortable despite being a new, unfamiliar abode. It’s really one-of-a-kind, life-changing experience. So, whatever it is you choose to bring, give it a personal touch. Adding a simple, heart-warming note is a good way to convey your best wishes.

Or maybe, you can tell them familiar words of blessing as you hand your gift. This list of eight traditional housewarming gifts will help you find a suitable present for the next housewarming party. Read on to learn about the origin and symbolism of each gift. Plus, get some of the best gift ideas to fit your budget.

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1. Bread

In some traditions, it is common to bring bread to a housewarming. People believe this ensures the house will always be filled with enough food supply. A crusty loaf from your local bakery paired with a delicious spread will be a great addition to table. But if you opt to make it more special, you can bake something like a salty focaccia or sweet banana bread. You can also bring along a classy bread box to keep those baked goods fresh for longer.

Bodum Bistro Bread Box

2. Candles

Lighting a candle on the first night at a new home is believed to cast out darkness and clear away bad spirits. Scented candles will be the perfect symbol for light and happiness. Most scented candles come with a stylish jar so it can be a great display to add in the living room. Just keep in mind to ask your recipient for a particular scent he or she likes so you can choose the best candle to burn.

Maxwell & Williams Aura Candle Holder

3. Coins

Bringing coins to a housewarming party (or throwing it around the house, in some cultures) represents a wish of good fortune for the newly moved-in homeowner, and along with it, good luck too. If you plan on bringing some, you can collect regular coins from your daily change or buy special commemorative coins. Bring a lovely stoneware platter or bowl so these lucky coins can be beautifully displayed anywhere in the house.

4. Honey or Sugar

The promise of a sweet life is believed to follow when it comes to moving into a fresh new home. If you wish for your newly moved-in friends or family to combat all the unfamiliar and strangeness in their new home and only experience the joys of life, you could bring them a pot of pure honey or sweet pastries. Pair it with a pot and dipper jar or a dome cake stand so they can make a nice centerpiece to display in the kitchen.

Le Creuset Stoneware Honey Pot & Dipper

5. Plants

Plants come with a blessing of a prosperous life. Bringing a living plant in a wonderful flower pot would mean that you wish to encourage the new homeowners to take good care of their plants so their home would always be filled with life. Artificial plants may suffice too as shades of green can definitely help bring balance and serenity to any home.

Stephanie Alexander Galvanised Plant Pot Set of 3

6. Salt or Herbs

Salt and herbs are meant to add flavour and spice to those you hold dear. Wish them a life that is never bland by bringing them a set of herb and spice jars, ready for pantry display.

Ecology Mineral Salt Pig Overcast

7. Wine

A staple in almost all occasions, wine is believed to indicate a wish for good cheer and that all those residing in that new home would never go thirsty. Bring the best bottle you can think of and carry with it a set of durable wine glasses. Surely, even after the housewarming party, your beloved friend or family will remember your good gesture with every sip of a good wine.

Salt & Pepper Honeycomb 3 Bottle Wine Rack

8. Wood

Wood represents a wish of stability, harmony, and peace for the home and the owners. Instead of bringing firewood to warm up their place, you can buy a versatile cutting board they could use in the kitchen for an everyday meal prep. Or bring a classy serving board, if they are the type who loves home entertaining more than anything else.

Salisbury & Co Albert Acacia Serving Board

While gifts require lots of thinking and sometimes, money, when it comes to housewarming parties, there is hardly a proper etiquette to follow for giving presents. Unlike birthdays and weddings, you can spend much less. The thoughtfulness of your gesture will count more than its value.

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