Get the most out of your turkey with these simple yet effective tips and tricks!


Buy the best you can afford and preferably free range as you will reap the benefits in flavour and moistness. Where possible a smaller Turkey is always a better choice than a larger Turkey as it cooks more evenly and won’t tend to dry out like a larger Turkey. If you are catering for a large group perhaps consider buying 2 smaller Turkeys.


There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to stuffing a Turkey. Some people are traditionist and stuff the turkey – this can slow the cooking time down and can also make the Turkey cook unevenly. The other camp bake the stuffing separately. In our household we do both! Small balls of stuffing are put inside the Turkey being careful not too overload. The remainder of the mixture is made into patties and roasted in the baking dish. A good idea is to place a few knobs of butter just under the skin of the Turkey to stop it drying out

Roasting Pan

A good quality roasting pan is essential. The best pan for cooking a turkey is a heavy-duty roasting pan with about 2-inch sides. High sides prevent the lower part of the bird from browning and can make basting difficult. Heavy-gauge metal helps keep the drippings from burning. Look for a stainless-steel finish on the pan’s interior: non stick makes for easy cleanup, but the dark color does make drippings more prone to burn.


Cook your turkey at 230° or 210°C for fan ovens, for the first 30 mins & then lower to 190°or 170°C for fan ovens. Total cooking time will be approximately 30-35 mins per kg. To check if your turkey is ready, plunge a skewer into the deepest part of the thigh or the breast. If the juices run clear your turkey is probably ready. Cook the turkey breast side down until the last half hour. That keeps the breast meat succulent but also allows the meat to cook easily.


We recommend the Global 21cm Carving Knife. We suggest starting with the wings and legs by holding them and twisting them off. Then move onto the main body of the bird by carving the breast meat from one side at an angle following the breast bone. Repeat on the other side. Carving at an angle will make the most of the grain of the meat.

Carving Roast Turkey

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