If your Mum enjoys a refreshing cocktail then look no further than this watermelon gin fizz, a delicious treat for Mother’s Day! The refreshing flavour of watermelon slush mixed with a shot of gin, prosecco, elderflower cordial, and lime juice will surely put a smile on her face.

Food stylist and recipe developer Kate Flower generously shares with us her recipe for watermelon gin fizz in this post. The secrets to this slushie cocktail are orange zest and freeze-dried strawberry dust on the rim of the cocktail glass. But it’s not only for show; the fine, dusty texture adds an oomph, making the drink even more exciting to sip.

Kate Flower and Kristen Pavez
Kate Flower enjoying a glass of watermelon elderflower gin fizz with whole food educator Kristen Pavez.



  • ¼ small watermelon, sliced or chopped
  • 180ml elderflower cordial
  • 180ml lime juice
  • 180ml gin
  • 4 drops of orange oil or a little orange zest
  • 600ml Prosecco
  • 1 orange, zested finely
  • A bag of 15g freeze-dried strawberries
  • Dehydrated orange slices (optional)


  1. Place watermelon flesh into a blender and blend until smooth. Strain the seeds through a sieve then pour over 600ml into a jar or jug.
  2. Add the cordial, lime juice, and gin. Stir well then pop the jar or jug into the freezer for a couple of hours. You may transfer and spread the mix to a wide plastic container so it could be frozen quickly.
  3. Fifteen minutes before serving your cocktail, take the watermelon mix out of the freezer and allow to thaw a little. Ideally, it should be slushie texture.
  4. On a flat plate, place then crush the strawberries into crumbs and dust with some orange zest.
  5. To create a decorative cocktail, dampen the rim of each cocktail glass then lightly press them into the strawberry and orange mix.
  6. Pour over even amounts of watermelon mixture into each of the six cocktail glasses, top with 100ml of Prosecco each then finish with an orange round, if you like. Add a little more strawberry dust for a finishing touch.

Kate Flower is a food stylist, recipe developer, and devoted eater. Follow her on Instagram @kateflowerfood or check out her website at www.kateflowerfood.com.au. Recipe and image used with permission.

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