Butter, as we all know, is a staple ingredient in the kitchen. Spread it on bread, add it to a pan for sauteing, mix it with batter, or top a stack of pancakes with it—there is no way you could hate butter. But to love it even more? Yes, there is a way.

If you’ve heard about artisan butter (or tried it, which is even better), then you probably know the answer to the question. Don’t think that having “artisan” before a product’s name is just fluff. Artisans are artists in their own right, and Kylie Ward, owner and founder of The Homemade in Perth, is among the best of them.

Kylie got into it butter-making because of her combined love for good food and sustainable products. It’s a rather simple yet fantastic story. Kylie started churning her own preservative-free butter in 2013, word got around, and soon enough it grew into a thriving business. Now, Kylie and partner Kris Perttula can be found at different farmers’ markets across Western Australia. Her handcrafted salted and spreadable butter have also bagged silver award at the 2018 Perth Royal Food Awards.

Kylie Ward and The Homemade Kitchen at the Farmer's Market in Manning every Saturday
Kylie Ward and The Homemade Kitchen at the Farmer’s Market in Manning every Saturday

So what makes artisan butter different, if not better than your average better? If artisan does not sound intriguing enough, Kylie dishes out why fresh, handcrafted butter is all the butter you need.

Catch Kylie and try her beautiful products at our Homegrown Market Day at Kitchen Warehouse Osborne Park WA on Sunday September 9th.

Quality matters

“Butter is a simple product, generally taken for granted. We are driven by quality and values over the lowest price available, and we happily pay more for our ingredients as this allows us to deliver a better product overall.”

The Homemade Kitchen uses only premium local ingredients in its products: cream from sustainable dairy farm Bannister Downs WA, cold-pressed and certified organic olive oil from Redtail Ridge, and organic lake salt from WA Salt Group.

Churning with a dose of TLC

“Producers of artisan products are skilled in their craft by hand. The process is more careful and considered—you can definitely taste the love in every bite.”

Offering a better taste

“There are many options available for butter: commercial, cultured, and flavoured. However, [our] butter is a simple, fresh, and delicious product that easily and effortlessly changes your meal without complicating the flavours.”

As an example, Kylie suggests adding a generous dollop of their salted and spreadable butter to a freshly grilled corn cob to enhance the natural taste of the corn and bring out the smoky flavour. It’s so simple but you will taste the difference.

The Homemade Kitchen’s artisan butter comes in two varieties: pure and salted and spreadable
The Homemade Kitchen’s artisan butter comes in two varieties: pure and salted and spreadable

Supporting local, small businesses

“We’re very proud that 100% of our ingredients are 100% Western Australian. We’re fortunate to live in a state full of beautiful ingredients—it makes sense to use them, reinvesting, and supporting the livelihoods of local families.”

Promoting positive environmental impact

“We continue to make conscious decisions that affect the world beyond ourselves.”

Kylie has a background in sustainable development and knows the importance of lifestyle choices on the future of the world and environment. They have integrated this ethos into their business from the packaging used for their butters and buttermilk to food miles.

Supporting happy cows

“We believe that where animal products are going to be consumed by humans, they should not be at any harm to the animal. We’ve selected our cream supplier based on this philosophy. It matters that the animal lives a happy life. The benefit of a happy animal is that we receive a better product, in this case our cream. Our cream supplier is a global leader in this field and we proudly support and encourage their journey.”

Give simple recipes a gourmet touch with artisan butter. Try Kylie’s favourite recipes that are so delicious yet easy to make here.

Images shown in this article were from The Homemade Kitchen’s official Facebook page. You may also visit www.homemadekitchen.com.au to know where you can find and meet Kylie and Kris, and have a taste of their artisan butter.

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