We partner with customer funded wine business, Naked Wines this month and hear from a brilliant, inspired winemaker themselves. Read why they drink “Naked” and understand why Naked Wines are so passionate about their brand philosophy and good wine.

Last week two colleagues and I flew from Sydney to Perth and drove to the south west of Western Australia to meet up with nine local winemakers who put their heart and soul into making small parcels of delicious, distinctive and regionally expressive wines exclusively for our Naked Wines customers.

By day we tasted new red and white wines straight out of small oak barrels and tanks, and talked and laughed a lot. At night we were treated to homemade meals made from locally grown produce and we talked and laughed more.

It was 5 days of genuinely engaging experiences and the time spent there reinforced why I love drinking Naked wines.

Allow me to explain…

When I started in the wine biz some years ago the options as to how to enjoy wine were quite constrained. There was little or no transparency on the ‘what, where, how and why’ of the wine you bought. The wines and styles were limited, controlled, very little choice: you were led by the big players and if you wanted to drink wine, you followed the lead.

Over time the big brands got bigger, more powerful, more influential, more PR savvy. We were all influenced by it…we followed, we drank what they served.

Fast forward, let’s say, 20 years or so…

Today, history is still repeating.  There’s a mass of marketer-created brands, buckets of labels, loads of colour and movement, lots of razzamatazz. There’s a lot of wine noise out there you have to cut through.

It’s a situation that continues, year after year, variety after variety, new thing after new thing, expensive panoramic TV commercial after…you get the idea.

So, how does a wine drinker make an informed choice when constantly exposed to the powerful movers and shakers of the wine market?  What is a young wine drinker, wanting to know which tentative step to take first, to do? And then also, what’s an experienced winelover searching for new and exciting adventures to do today?

The commercial reality is the really big producers are driven by bottom-line numbers, they make lots of wine, sell lots of it to big supermarket-owned bottle shops and as a result lots of anonymous wine gets bought. That massive supply-driven wheel keeps turning out mass produced stuff for, well, the masses.

However times are changing for the better, and incredibly fast.

There is a rapidly growing group of brilliant, inspired winemakers who we help fund so they can make their hand-crafted delicious wines and get the bottles to people who really love it. Naked Wines actively supports their dreams and gets the wine to winelovers at a seriously exclusive price.

Real people, real situations, real stories producing brilliant wines.

And who decides the success of these wines? Not a business person, wine critic, wine judge, wine expert, journalist, a faceless supermarket, a spreadsheet. The Naked Wines customers decide what wines are great.

Naked Wines customers make the call on what is a success. If enough customers like a wine enough, that’s great news for us and the winemaker and ultimately you because the wine will get made again next year and the year after that and the year after that. If you tell us the wine needs to be tweaked, well, we pull out all the winemaker stops to get it on song.

That is how you build success. By delivering outstanding wine, by building relationships, encouraging communication.

Five days in Western Australia once again reminded me that here at Naked Wines we put all the focus on our winemakers and their wines.  I love that…and you will too.

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