Preserving the flavour and aromas of your favourite wine

If you usually stick your wine to chill in the food fridge, you may wonder why it tastes flatter than it did in the store. Your food fridge has a lower temperature than is recommended to the detriment of the texture and aromas that you enjoy. Wine is also affected by movement such as the vibrations from the large fridge motor. Kitchen Warehouse now offers a compact sized wine fridge that will preserves the flavour of the wine by keeping it:

  • Still
  • Away from too much light
  • At the recommended temperature

There are other advantages to having a compact wine fridge which make a pretty compelling argument!

  • Always have a chilled bottle of wine at hand
  • Free up room in the food fridge
  • Buy wine on special and store
  • Designed specifically for wine so uses less energy than storing your wine in the food fridge
  • Keeps wine cool in summer and winter

Kitchen Warehouse have all the tips for keeping your wine at top drinkability, for taste, temperature and structure. For more information on aging and storing wine, check out our Wine Storage Guide. Find a range of racks and fridges to fit into your ‘cellar’ online now.

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