Christmas Dessert Wreath

Christmas Dessert Wreath Recipe

Ever had something that looked too pretty to eat? This Christmas dessert wreath may look exactly like that, but it will be a waste not to dig in right away and taste its smooth raspberry ice cream. This dessert wreath makes a great centrepiece and is the perfect end to any meal. Show your love for your family and friends this holiday season and make this sweet and edible wreath for them to enjoy!

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Christmas Chili Oil Recipe

If you want to add some flavourful heat to your food, this Christmas chili oil recipe is worth a try. It has the perfect balance of mouth-numbing red chili peppers, lip-tingling Sichuan peppercorns, aromatic garlic and flavourful spices that leaves everyone digging for more food but reaching for a glass of water in between too. Fire up this year’s Christmas spread or double up this recipe to make edible homemade presents for the spicy food lovers. (more…)

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