Whether it’s a celebration, a night out with friends or simply when your alone and thirsty, here are some tips and etiquette when drinking this sweet bubbly.

1. Served in a long-stemmed flute or tulip style, it is always better to drink from your champagne in glass or even better crystal.
2. Champagne is to be served cold. Be sure to hold the glass by the stem to keep the champagne cool.
3. When it comes to cleaning your champagne flutes always clean with hot water and dry with a fresh cotton cloth. The way you wash and clean your glass will impact the champagne’s foaminess when serving.
4. Try not to pop the cork. This waste bubbles. If properly executed it should release with a quiet sigh. Good luck!

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5. To avoid any spilling or over flow when pouring into your glass, it is better to serve champagne in two phases. A typical error is trying to fill the glass all in one go.
6. A standard champagne bottle will serve 6 glasses. Now you know for your next party planning.

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