How To Make the Luckiest Dumplings for Chinese New Year

The history of eating dumplings in China goes back over 18,000 years. Dumplings are a popular dish for Chinese New Year as they are considered lucky. The luckiest dumplings have a large number of pleats – guaranteed by using the Kitchen Warehouse dumpling maker. You can place a white thread or coin in one of the dumplings for extra luck to the person who finds it.

How to Make Dumplings with a Dumpling Maker



Dumpling filling and wrappers (see recipe for Pork Dumpling Recipe (Gyoza) for Chinese New Year).


  1. Lay circles of pastry on dumpling maker.
  2. Wet edges with water.
  3. Place filling in centre.
  4. Fold dumpling maker in half.
  5. Press firmly.
  6. Open and remove pressed dumpling.

Have a Lucky Chinese New Year!

You can make 2 -3 different sized dumplings with Dumpling Makers available at Kitchen Warehouse.

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