One of your most used kitchen tools is chopping boards. Wooden boards are some of the best to have but are one most people believe to be hard to clean and maintain. When you purchase a good knife you need a good chopping board in the same investment. Take care of your boards as you would any other favourite kitchen tool, taking just a few minutes each month to follow these tips to cleaning and caring for your boards.


    Cleaning: Scrub or wipe down with a soapy brush or cloth and leave to drain upright. Do not immerse in water
    Care and Maintenance :Oil with food safe vegetable or mineral oil once a month to prevent cracking.


    Cleaning: Clen in the dishwasher safely or clean in soapy water.
    Care & maintenance:Disinfect regularly. Remove stains by soaking your board with a bleach solution or scrubbing with salt.


    Cleaning: Wash in warm water, or wipe clean.
    Care & Maintenance:Clean regularly to avoid stains. Marble boards are for pastry and fondant rolling and will damage knives if used for cutting.

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  1. Great info, thanks. I’ve also herd that a solution of vinigar and salt rubed into the board (especially end grain boards) will kill any bacteria although I’ve never tried it.

  2. Thanks for this additional info, I have a wood board and I can now add to my list on how to clean it.

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