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Unless you are using a nespresso, grinding your own coffee directly before you brew will produce the most aromatic flavours.

Your coffee machine will require a different type of grind to your neighbours plunger or your flatmates espresso maker, so make sure you select the right coffee beans with this easy guide.

French Press or Coffee Plunger

Ground size: Coarse grounds
Looks like: Separate chunks, similar to large salt crystals
Grinding Time: 8 – 10 seconds
Notes: If you use too fine a grind, it will be difficult to plunge and coffee grinds can end up in the coffee

Drip Coffee Makers

Ground size: Medium
Looks like: Gritty texture similar to coarse sand.
Grinding Time: 10 – 15 seconds
Notes: the medium grind allows water to seep through while collecting the full essence of the coffee.

Coffee Machines, Espresso Makers and Moka Pots

Ground size: Fine
Looks like: Smooth texture similar to table salt
Grinding Time: Approx 30 seconds
Notes: Espresso is a rich, strong coffee and needs the finest grind to extract the fullest essence.

Times are for electric grinders.

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