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Beer glass

Icy cold beer is typically served in 16oz pint glasses. You can choose from specialty glasses to suit your beer preference or choose a good all-rounder for pilsner, lager, dark brews or IPA.

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Wine glasses

Your choice in wineglasses will be guided by your preferred variety, blend or style and whetheryou are a connoisseur or a casual fan of wine.

Red wine glasses have larger bowls to allow the wine to open at room temperature

White wine glasses are typically taller and narrower with a smaller capacity

Champagne glasses come in a variety of shapes, most notably the tall and refined flute and champagne coupe

Stemmed or stemless or a combination of both, your choice of wine glass can improve your appreciation of our bountiful wines

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Old Fashioned

When you love your drink “on the rocks” or served European style “with just a splash”, a classic Rusty Nail or Negroni, the 6-10oz Old Fashioned or Lowball glass is the only choice.

Negroni Recipe


Tall and elegant,the highball glass holds 8-12oz and can double for the Colllins glass. Mixed drinks are typically served in these slender, straight-sided glasses.

Pear & Cranberry Vodka Cocktail


Taller than a Highball glass and typically sized between 14oz and 16oz. Used for both alcoholic and non-alc juice and mixer based drinks they were originally used for classic Tom Collins cocktails.

Watermelon Mojito Recipe

Martini glass

Popular choice to serve Manhattans, Metropolitans, Margaritas and dry, sweet or dirty martinis,martini glasses are stemmed and have a wide flaring rim.

Classic dry Martini

Shot glass

For straight upshots of hard liquor or short mixes of top shelf liqueurs, shot glasses canalso be used as measures – single shots are typically 1.5oz, double shotglasses are 3oz and pony or short shot glasses are 1oz

Cocktail glass

When you think of aTequila Sunrise served poolside at the Tiki Bar on the island of your dreams,it will be served in the short-stemmed, narrow high-waisted cocktailglass. The most versatile glass in yourbar, it is a also known as a hurricane glass because of its distinctive shape.

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