Healthy cookware is a kitchen must-have. Pair your delicious recipes with our list of safe cookware alternatives, including heirloom-quality cast iron and tough uncoated stainless steel. This article also features our top brand picks when it comes to healthy cooking at home.

What is Healthy Cookware?

Certain materials used in cookware, such as PFOA and PTFE, have been identified by studies as harmful to both human and animal health. Healthy and safe cookware is free from these chemicals. Also, depending on the cookware material, healthy pots and pans can withstand high-heat cooking and are made to last longer.

Our list of highly recommended cookware choices is sure to meet the needs of both kitchen beginners and seasoned home cooks. 

1. Cast Iron

This is perhaps the most popular choice of cookware material to date. Aside from being PFOA and PTFE free, cast iron pots and pans are of heirloom quality. They’re great on the stovetop, grill, campfire, and in the oven. They need regular seasoning to prevent rusting and make them last longer. This article on proper cast iron seasoning features a helpful step-by-step video.

Top Picks

  • Victoria Seasoned cast iron has grills, griddles, and even a tortilla press in the range. 
  • Lodge Logic is a preseasoned cast iron range, ready to use right out of the box.
  • Pyrolux Pyrocast has cast iron skillets with matching maplewood trays for serving.
Healthy Cookware Cast Iron Victoria

2. Wrought Iron

This special low-carbon steel is not only non-toxic but also a sustainable material. It also has a durability that lasts for centuries. When used on any stovetop, oven, or campfire grill, wrought iron cookware works like cast iron but with half the weight.

Top Pick

  • Solidteknics AUS-ION is a seamless cookware range and 100% made in Australia.

3. Enamelled Cast Iron

Compared with raw cast iron, this type of cookware has an enamel coating made from glass particles. This makes enamelled cast iron easier to clean and maintain, without the need for regular seasoning. It also works well even with acidic ingredients like tomatoes. 

Top Picks

  • Pyrolux Pyrochef is 40% lighter than conventional cast iron and has a three-layer coating.
  • Chasseur cast iron is sustainably made and comes in colours exclusive to Kitchen Warehouse.
  • Victoria Enamelled cookware has a smooth cooking surface that is also rust-resistant.
  • Le Creuset signature cast iron from France is exceptional from stovetop to oven to table.
Healthy Cookware Chasseur Enamelled

4. Glass and Vitroceramic

Glass cookware is yet another option for healthy cooking. A great heat conductor, glass is also resistant to stains and non-reactive to acidic ingredients. However, it has a tendency to shatter on high heat. Advanced technology resolved this by developing a more stable material called vitroceramic. With ceramic and glass combined, vitroceramic cookware can withstand extreme temperature changes.

5. Uncoated Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pots and pans are extremely durable and rust-resistant. When combined with other materials like copper and aluminium, stainless steel can efficiently generate heat. Stainless steel cookware is also easier to maintain than cast iron and, in general, less expensive than other cookware types.

Top Picks

Healthy Cookware Stainless Steel

6. Carbon Steel

Heavy-gauge carbon steel pans are a cross between stainless steel and cast iron. We like how they are lighter than cast iron pan but with the same cooking versatility. Carbon steel cookware is also a good heat conductor and stays stable at high temperatures. 

Top Picks 

  • D.Line offers heat-efficient woks that are perfect for quick stir-fries.
  • Garcima carbon steel pans are great for cooking paella and other Spanish favourites.
Top 6 Healthiest Cookware Choices
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Top 6 Healthiest Cookware Choices
Healthy cookware is a kitchen must-have. Pair your delicious recipes with our list of healthier cookware choices made for great cooking and food safety.
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10 Replies to “Top 6 Healthiest Cookware Choices”

  1. This is a comprehensive, well written and welcome article that answers many things I have wondered about over the years.

    PS: I was informed that it is a rule to not use Teflon cookware if you have a canary, budgie or other bird in a cage indoors as fumes can kill the bird.

    1. We’ve had a budgie for several years now and I use non-stick pans most of the time. He’s even in the same room.

      1. It seems the outgassing of toxins requires temperatures over 250 deg C, people get in trouble when the pan is left dry on a burner or hot oven. So, normal use you and tweety should be ok 🙂

    1. Hi Georgina,
      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll have your idea lined up as a follow-up article 🙂

  2. Thanks for that summary. Just a couple of points I’ve seen reading about environmental issues and cookware ( a niche interest I know):
    – it would be good to have a comment on what supports induction, this is much more common these days. Most do, but not glass, and stainless steel without composite base will not.
    – non stick is also damaging to manufacture and essentially a throw away item, as they do not last, particularly the cheap ones. Iron, if looked after, will last longer than it’s owner.
    – solidtecknics make beautiful steel pans as mentioned, but they now also do non-nickel stainless steel which works with induction. Some people have nickle sensitivity. They have some great information on health and sustainability on their site. No, I don’t work for them, but I am motivated to justify how much I spent on their stuff!

  3. I think stainless steel is the most appropriate one. I personally use stainless steel even I cook eggs and fish without sticking food.

  4. Hi aimee, which of these options is best as a non stick pan? I’m currently using enameled cast iron and stainless steel but they’re not fully non stick and clean up can be a hassle.
    Thank you

  5. Hi! Tq for that very concise article on safe cookware to use. I am aftet an angel cake tin the one with the ‘hole’ in its center. I’ve hunt around but found that most of the angel cake tins are alluminim based. Could you advise where to get such a tin, with a drop bottom? I’m closest to your BoxHillSouth store.
    Thank you.

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