The Danes may do all things hygge to get through long, winter days, but we don’t have to wait for the colder months to start bringing in hygge at home. In fact, hygge can be enjoyed all year round.

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What is hygge?

Denmark has consistently dominated happiness surveys and is recognised as one of the happiest places in the world. Its concept of hygge or hoo-guh is the main reason why—a Danish culture that has influenced the locals’ way of life since the early 1800s. There’s really no exact word for hygge, but to describe it simply, it can be any food, thing, activity, hobby, or place that makes you feel happy. Hygge can be as simple as spending time cooking in the kitchen or sipping hot coffee from your favourite mug.  

Danish winters are harsh and bleak. During this time, locals would at times go through days without direct sunlight. But life goes on in Denmark even when it’s all dark and snowing. Locals would cure their winter blues through hygge: being at home with family, lighting candles, drinking mulled wine, or polishing off a bowl of grød or porridge.    

But hygge is an all-encompassing sense of warmth and comfort, which means you don’t have to be in Denmark or wait for winter to experience it. With our simple suggestions, you can create hygge year-round the Aussie way.


Hygge at Home

When it’s not raining, autumn is the perfect season to appreciate nature. Spend time at the park with a good book, take an early morning jog, or bike around to see trees now tinged with varying shades of yellow, orange, and red.

The Danes love Easter as it is a celebration usually spent at home with family. Fill your own Easter party with lots of hygge by hosting an egg-hunting activity with the kids, decorating cookies, and giving away chocolate eggs as gifts.

Mark this month as a time for all mums. Make them feel the hygge vibe by creating simple cards or floral arrangements, preparing breakfasts in bed, or surprising them with tea and cakes at the garden.


Hygge at Home

The best way to welcome the cold season is to turn on the oven and do lots of home baking. Use this time to make homemade pastries and pies. Give breadmaking a go and turn your kitchen into a hygge haven, filled with the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread.

Dedicate this month to home-cooked meals and warm beverages—brew cups of coffee and tea for sharing, bring out your large pots and make soup, or master the art of slow cooking.

When you have to stay indoors, bring hygge in by spending time with family or keeping busy. Lay fluffy blankets and throws on the floor, make hot chocolate, put on your favourite movie, then snuggle up. You may also opt to use this time for some fun DIY activities: make cheese from scratch, brew your own beer, or start your own mini indoor garden.


Hygge at Home

Keep the happy springtime spirit up by cleaning your house! Hygge and clutter simply don’t match, so organise your pantry or give your living room a new look. Bring nature in by decorating your home with potted plants or vases filled with flowers.

Don’t let fruits and vegetables in season go to waste. Do some recipe search and create all sorts of colourful salads. You can try pickling or fermenting seasonal produce, too, so you can enjoy them all year.

What better way to enjoy the remaining days of spring than to spend it outdoors. Bask in the warm sunshine and go for a picnic, fishing trip, or weekend camping with family and friends.


Hygge at Home

Christmas winter is the high season of hygge in Denmark. But when it’s the beginning of summer in Australia, hygge can still be enjoyed despite the hot weather. Create a heartwarming holiday with the family by decorating your home with string lights, wrapping up gifts, and planning a delicious barbecue spread.   

As hygge also means doing good things to make yourself and others feel happy, why not start the new year with a good habit or routine? You can go on a healthier diet, make time for exercise, or practice waste reduction and recycling.

Make the most of summer by hosting lots of parties and casual get-togethers! Take a dip in the pool and put up a DIY beverage station to entertain your guests. You can also invite friends over for a home-cooked dinner plus cocktails or go on a family picnic trip.

Hygge is indeed a way of life that is easy to embrace no matter where we are. Simply put good food and great company together to make a year and more of hygge memories.

How to Create Hygge at Home Year-Round
Article Name
How to Create Hygge at Home Year-Round
Danes may do all things hygge to get through long, winter days, but we don’t have to wait for colder months to start bringing in hygge at home. With our simple suggestions, you can create hygge year-round the Aussie way.
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