Kitchen Warehouse introduces the Professional Series 750 Copper Limited Edition Vitamix Blender just in time to take care of your Mother’s Day gift ideas. The warmth and vibrancy of copper comes to your kitchen in the form of this divine Vitamix blender, adding metallic lustre to your modern kitchen decor. “As a material, copper is beautiful and will always be in style in some way or another,” says the Nathan + Jac interior design team, so show Mum you know how on trend she is with an appliance that will not only complement the kitchen but will also blend a great smoothie. Taking advantage of the Vitamix Professional Series blender is the best way to consume your 5 x 3 without effort, absorb nutrients into the body quickly, and enjoy faster preparation for your delicious smoothies and soups. Breakfast and lunch can be our most neglected meal, with plenty of pressure on Mums to set the family up with a nutritious start to the day. That’s where the Vitamix blender comes in – easily prepare super wholesome fare full of massive doses of vitamins and minerals to help you stay healthy the quick and tasty way.

The awesome Vitamix offers 5 programmed settings for a range of smooth foods such as soup, smoothies, frozen desserts and purees with an exceptionally quiet motor to provide a muted environment as you blend. The low profile 2 L container means you can display this contemporary blender compactly on the bench while still mixing up to 8 cups of smoothies or purees at one time. Plenty to go around and take to work or school. The 1200-1400W power is ideal for your daily blending requirements, especially pulping greens. This Titian toned Vitamix blender offers the added bonus of a self cleaning feature – simply add detergent and water and the blender will do the rest.

Continue the copper theme in the kitchen with the exquisite Chasseur escoffier cookware, a Chambord copper coffee press and Acadamy Orwell cookbook stand for a blended interior theme.

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