Make Ahead Meals

Make-ahead meals, I can almost certainly guarantee, are better than you think and that’s for a variety of reasons. If you’re still running around after work or after organising kids in a frantic mess, worrying about what rabbit you can pull out of the hat for dinner, let me tell you, it is time to …

Green Chicken Curry Recipe

This green chicken curry is the curry of choice for those who like it creamy with a spicy kick. The vibrant colours and bold flavours will keep you cosy and warmed up this winter. The good news: it’s one of those one-pot wonders you make in minutes on a pressure cooker or multi-cooker!

Irish Stew Recipe

Nothing can be more comforting this wintertime than a bowl of steaming Irish stew. Using a pressure cooker for this recipe helps cut the cooking time, so you can enjoy fork-tender meat without the wait. Make sure to serve this with bread to mop up the juices!