Trying to decide between a slow cooker and a pressure cooker? Here’s why you should treat yourself to both.

When it comes to winter comfort food, nothing hits the spot quite like a richly flavoured stew, a pot of hearty soup or a steaming bowl of chili con carne.

And thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you could be enjoying the ultimate warming winter meal, without too much trouble at all.

The only question is, do you make it in a slow cooker or a pressure cooker. Let us break it down for you.

The slow cooker

Sunbeam SecretChef Sear and Slow Cooker
Don’t let being out of the house stop you from cooking delicious homemade meals with a reliable slow cooker

In the cooler months, it makes plenty of sense to have the slow cooker on the benchtop and that’s especially true if you are super busy and need set and leave meal prep in your life.

By set and leave, we mean, throw the ingredients into the crock, put the lid on, dial up the temperature and go about your day.  Return home to a meltingly tender stew or flavour-packed curry.

Slow cooking is perfect for winter because it provides a great opportunity to make the most of out cheaper cuts of meat, which when cooked slowly on a very low temperature, will eventually become incredibly flavourful and super tender.

Slow cooking tends to develop and draw out flavour,  even vegetables taste better slow-cooked.

There’s plenty of slow-cooked meal options and when you master the art, you will easily be able to modify recipes yourself, so there’s no chance of getting bored.

And it’s not all about stews, curries and soups. You can also slow cook pot roasts and it’s as easy as throwing all the vegetables in the bottom of the crock, loading up your protein on the top, set the time and you’re off.

When you’re buying a slow cooker, you will be pleased to find budget options readily available.

Look for a slow cooker that has elements wrapped around the crock to allow for even cooking, which is great if you are not planning on being around to stir your dish.

Programmable slow cookers are great because you can set them to turn on and off and they’re easy to clean when you’re done.

The stovetop pressure cooker

Tefal Clipso Minut Stovetop Pressure Cooker
Stovetop pressure cookers are a fantastic asset in the kitchen

When people realise the value of meal prepping both in terms of saving money and time, a pressure cooker is often one of the first things they invest in.

Pressure cookers were big in the 1970s and 1980s but they went out of fashion, largely because people were worried about safety concerns.

Modern pressure cookers have a ton of safety features, and savvy cooks have started to rediscover them.

Cooking food under pressure is such an appealing option because it means dishes that would otherwise take hours, can be made in a matter of minutes and with incredible flavour infusion. You also get the added bonus of preserving nutrients, unlike other forms of cooking which can destroy vitamins and minerals.

Stovetop versions are great because you can control temperature, they’re not cumbersome and can easily be packed away.

You will find cooking beans, soups and even risottos, like this one, is super quick and easy in the pressure cooker.

Pressure Cookers vs Slow Cookers: Winter's Kitchen Heroes
Article Name
Pressure Cookers vs Slow Cookers: Winter's Kitchen Heroes
Trying to decide between a slow cooker and a pressure cooker? Here's why you should treat yourself to both.
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