Kitchen Warehouse Fathers and Sons

Fathers and Sons: The Kitchen Warehouse Story

John Macaulay had already been running Kitchen Warehouse for a number years in 2003, yet nothing quite prepared him for what he was going to take on next: his first 1000-square-meter store.

“When the building was handed over to us,” recalled John, “It struck me, ‘How are we going to fill up this big, huge space?’ We’ve never experienced anything like that. To sit there wondering, ‘How is this going to happen?’”

More than a decade on and that “awesome moment”, which would define the business, remains John’s favourite memory of the lifelong adventure he has taken on with his family. (more…)

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Beef Jerky recipe at Kitchen Warehouse

Beef Jerky Recipe

The family behind Kitchen Warehouse—the Macaulays and Murphys—are full of enthusiastic cooks, avid entertainers, and devoted foodies so it was only natural that they ended up in the business of kitchenware over 20 years ago. Matteo Murphy, eldest grandson of patriarch and founder John Macaulay, is certainly following in his family’s footsteps. (more…)

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